The Hazaras, a Persian-speaking Shi’a ethnic group, Settlers of commonly Central Afghanistan, and Survivors of genocide committed by Abdolrahmankhan (1880-1901). Have been suffering Decades of Injustice, discrimination, and harassment. They were particularly targeted, in part because of their religious identity. Such as the Chandaval uprising, Afshar massacre, Mazar Sharif massacre, and … they also face harassment and forced displacement by Taliban even presently. They have never been accepted by their hometowns and always are looked down on by them. The other ethnicities of the country deem them Mongols, descendants of Genghis khan that settled in central territories. There is no certain conclusion in which to prove where is their origin from. So they have to immigrate to Iran., the same religious neighbor, the land of Dreams. Opposite to their imagination, they wouldn’t be welcomed in Iran. The Hazaras feel a taste of unkindness and discrimination, also they are spotted through the streets of Iran and can’t be mingled into the society because of their Asian look (Their almond-shaped eyes). Therefore, they look for the identity and meaning of the motherland notion somewhere else. The people who are a stranger in their own country and foreigner in Iran. Somehow, the Hazaras are people with no land. They are trying to find home and identity.
This multimedia is about the kind of Asian hate that These people face with it in Iran. Individuals will be pictured based on their story and Imaginary wishes, a combination of documentary and staged photography.
Individuals will be pictured based on their story and Imaginary wishes, a collaborating combination of documentary and staged photography. I add different Artistic elements that have been created by the protagonists of the stories. Mahnaz and Fereshteh have created illustrations in this collaborating work.