The other

War has no end in Afghanistan and much of its citizens tasted the flavor of immigration during the four decades. Unclear future of this country, causing an endless cycle of human Passions and made them migrate to neighboring country “Iran”. But they never thought this imposed journey lasting till today. They Used to Think would be back soon, as the war goes to end. Children of them were born and grew up in Iran, and this war never went to end. But the immigration is not the end of their hardship, in the neighboring country Iran, there they are, War-torn refugees who ever since have been considered as “the other”, deprived of social privileges such as citizenship, insurance, free education, possession permission, receiving a driving license, having an ATM card, buying a cell SIM card, and… In the better word, they are second citizens.

They neither belong to Afghanistan nor to Iran.

This body of work was created with collaboration of “Fereshteh”, one of the protagonists, as an illustrator.